Not a Triple A Farmer?

Oh to be a triple A farmer on a day like today! Minus 25, and with the windchill minus 42! If I was a triple A farmer today, I would be in Arizona right now, not calving cows in this crazy weather. What is a triple A farmer you ask-April to August, then off to Arizona!!
This winter has been so busy, but so great, I really have nothing to complain about! Calving has been going very well, with virtually no losses (knock on wood) and some twins, we are ahead of the game as far as calving goes.
Our bull sale catalogue went online today, and off to the printer-super excited, by far the nicest catalogue we have ever put out-hats off to Jill Mader for designing our catalogue. Not only the most attractive catalogue, but by far the best pen of bulls we have ever produced. Rugged ranch bulls who will go out and work for years under varying conditions is the kind of bulls we produce. I hope you can find a few minutes to have a look at the catalogue on our website.

I am now in heavy herd bull shopping mode for ourselves-poring over catalogues, talking to breeders about their programs, researching pedigrees and EPD’S.  The bulls we buy are only as good as the people who are producing them…will they stand behind them if there is a problem?  Are the bulls what they say they are?  Are they going to stand up to the rugged conditions in East Central Alberta?

We are very fortunate to be involved in a breed where the majority of breeders are honest as the day is long and are chalk full of integrity.  I like to think this is the kind of seedstock producer that we are, as I treat my customers as I, myself, like to be treated.

And I like to be treated well.  My husband Eric says it’s from all the years he’s treated me so well.  Yup, that’s it.  😉

Happy bull shopping!

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