Liar Liar…

I usually try not to use my blog for a rant-I usually am very upbeat and positive.  But we have been dealing with an issue here on the ranch for the last couple of weeks that I think we need to share.

I have addressed customer service issues in the past, about how I treat my customers as I like to be treated: this involves integrity, respect, honesty and doing our very best to make things right.  This past couple of weeks, we have encountered a company that excels in TERRIBLE  customer service, and it’s with a company based in Ontario called H.S. Knill Company Ltd.  They are livestock carriers who claims to “specialize” in purebred cattle hauling in North America.

I had made arrangements to have a single bull delivered to a well known drop point in Saskachewan for a very good customer of mine.  I personally met the truck and truck driver with the bull, ensured the paper-work was correct, phone numbers were right and felt confident that everything would be as it should be.  I have NEVER been so wrong…….

The bull didn’t show up at his destination the next day as planned.  I had phoned the new owner of the bull to see how he liked him the day after he was supposed to arrive, and the bull had never arrived.  The buyer started making phone calls and discovered that the bull was in Thunder Bay, Ont.  There had been a mistake and the bull never got dropped at the destination.

WHAT???!??!?!?  I thought these guys were professionals….. And knew how to read a manifest.

What I experienced next was the most unprofessional display I think I have encountered in my adult life-I phoned one of the owners of the company, Bruce, to clarify where the bull was and when we could expect the bull to return to proper destination. And to express some urgency as the owner wanted to start breeding cows – after all, it is the start of breeding season and the bull was needed and was scheduled to arrive a few days prior.

What I got on the other end of the phone when I POLITELY inquired??  Hostility.  Defensiveness.  Attitude.  Complete disregard for time.  And not to mention, Lies.

Both the new owner and I were told the bull would be back in SK on Thursday, a week to the day of when he was supposed to be there.  I told Bruce that I thought this was unacceptable, and to please try to get the bull out sooner.  Nope, that was it, that was the best they could do.

As the bull is in Ontario what can I do at this point??  So I waited.

Thursday comes and goes, I contact the new owner again, do you have the bull.  No.  Knill’s won’t be back until Sunday, 4 days later than they said, and 10 days later than the original drop-off date.

I make another phone call, and POLITELY inquire about the bull, this time speaking to Butch-no, Butch insisted, he was right there when Bruce was on the phone with me and told me the bull would be loaded on Friday and not delivered until Sunday.  And in the background, I can hear Bruce…..coaching Butch as to what to say…….

Huh.  Here again, I have no control, the bull is in Ontario and has been on a cross-country journey for 10 days.  Butch assured me the bull looked great too……..just another lie I am sure, as at this point I wouldn’t trust these guys as far as I can throw them.

This was my first experience with Knill’s, and will DEFINATELY be my last.  If anyone out there is debating using this firm for livestock transport???  save yourself some grief and stress and load them on your own trailer!!!!!

I did get a phone call from the truck driver John when the bull finally arrived at his destination tonight-he apologized profusely, and proceeded to tell me that since he screwed up, the trucking bill was being paid for by, him, the trucker.  Just another nail in the coffin for the company as far as I am concerned, if they won’t stand behind their people out in the trenches….

Promise, next blog will be more uplifting, once I peel myself off of the ceiling from this wreck.  And I keep my promises, unlike some people…..


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