People are everything…

Fall is always a busy time of the year on the farm. We all associate fall with harvest, and winter preparations. On a mixed farm there are so many things going on, and throw in a purebred cowherd and we are bordering on chaos…..barely controlled chaos!
But the steer calves are sold (what a great market-and looks to stay strong into the fall run), the cows are preg-checked, and the sale females are selected. With the early snow fall hitting us a good month before we were really ready (actually, to be honest I wouldn’t be ready if the first snowfall was in April, but I do hope that one day I will be organized!) this busy fall just got busier with extra bedding and feeding needing done every day.
Eric and I were fortunate enough to attend the Harvest Gala at the Calgary Stampede grounds on Saturday nite, put on by the Ag for Life group. It was quite the event-alot of really interesting people and an interesting concept; excitement about being involved with agriculture, educating the masses about where their food comes from…..finally!!!!
I was lucky enought to be seated with Iris Meck, Iris Meck Communications-what a truly outstanding lady! We covered alot of ground in our conversation throughout the evening and discovered that we share many values and beliefs about the Ag industry. I shared with Iris my passion for the industry, and how I have been excited to be a part of the industry for years and years, however it’s been a lonely place to be as few shared my enthusiasum in the past during tough times, but now when things are better (let’s face it, there’s money to be made now!), people are showing some excitement about this business of producing food.
Allison Redford was the key note speaker at the gala, and stressed how she and her government value agriculture and it’s contribution to Alberta’s history, and the economy, and how rural area’s are important and necessary-as are their hospitals and schools-A comment I found extremely ironic since we received word this week that our small town Byemoor School is on the chopping block and may be closed. Even though we do not have children in the school, the closure of it would have a huge impact on our community as I know of several families who would leave our community and relocate closer to a larger center with schools.

I hope that with all the renewed enthusiasum about agriculture that we as producers, and our partners in the business, don’t forget what built this industry up to what it is today-people, all the moms and dads, the kids, the families.  We can talk all about technology, farming tens of thousands of acres, huge equipment, corporate farms……..but people built this industry, and without thousands of individuals contributing everyday to their community, the industry, the economy, we would have nothing.  Our people are everything.




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