I Love this Land…….

We are a proud bunch, those of us in the agriculture biz.  We are proud to be growing food for ourselves, our neighbors, our world.  Everyday, we quietly go about our jobs as farmers and ranchers in Canada, producing top quality safe food.  We do it day after day, year after year, continually striving to do it better, more efficiently, with better results than last time.

We are a proud bunch, but a modest bunch…..

…….how many people know where their food comes from?  Shockingly few.

…… many people care where their food comes from?  Shockingly many.

Which is great news for us as producers.  We have our work cut out for us, educating the masses about the food we produce and they consume.  What a great opportunity for us to share with consumers what we are so passionate about.

Although this isn’t a blog for ATB Financial, I do think their Ag. Marketing boys have got things figured out…..check out their video and tell me if it doesn’t give you goose-bumps and make your chest stick out a bit with pride.  The cool part about this video is we know so many of the people in it and they are top-notch producers…we know it, they know it, and now the world can know it.

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